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2016-2017 Yukon Championship Schedule

Yukon Championship Registration Form 2016-2017

2016-2017 Application for Exemption of Residency

A committee reviewed the championship format for Yukon Curling Association in May 2016, considering the following objectives: 

To achieve the highest likelihood of the most experienced team advancing to represent Yukon;

To ensure all competing teams have a positive experience;

To support all competitors in their individual and team development;

To allow for marketing opportunities for the host clubs;

To promote the sport of curling.

New Yukon Championship Policy #7.2

Yukon Championships

2 teams

           A best out of 5 series

  • No playoff

3-4 teams

          Double round robin

  • Any undefeated team will be declared the outright winner without playoffs

  • If all teams have a loss, top 3 teams advance to the playoffs

  • 1st place goes straight to final; 2nd seed vs 3rd , winner to final

  • Any team with 3 or more losses is automatically out of the playoff rounds

5 teams

          Single round robin

  • Top 3 teams advance to playoffs

  • 1st place going straight to final game; 2nd vs 3rd seed, winner to final

  • Any team with 3 or more losses is automatically out of the playoff rounds

6-7 teams

         Modified True triple knockout

  • Seeding of placement for first draw will be determined by teams

8 Teams

True triple knockout

  • Seeding of placement for first draw will be determined by teams

9 + teams round robin format as determined by the Executive Committee

Option 1: single round robin, followed by a page playoff

Option 2:  2 pools, with a playoff with top teams

The number of sheets of ice and the number of teams competing determine the start date, allowing some flexibility for the host club. Except in circumstances deemed to be extraordinary by the Executive Committee or its appointees, all Yukon championships must play to completion at the Host Site.

As the competition progresses, the Head Official has the discretion to modify the round robin draw in the event that the round robin games no longer have meaning towards determining a winner

Tie Situations:

Following the round-robin play, the win and loss records of those teams against each other will determine their seeding for tiebreaker games. If no such seeding is established then the CCA Skill Based Team Ranking Process is used. Elimination from the playoff rounds shall only be by loss of a game.

Three way tie (one berth): seed 3 vs. seed 2, loser eliminated; winner plays seed 1 for winning berth.

Three way tie (two berths): seed 1 vs. seed 2, winner earns first berth; loser plays seed 3 for second berth.

Four way tie (one berth): seed 1 vs. seed 4; seed 2 vs. seed 3, losers eliminated; winners play for berth.

Four way tie (two berths): Seed 1 vs. seed 4; seed 2 vs. seed 3, losers eliminated; winners advance and play to determine ranking of berths.

Travellers Curling Club rules: (Policy as adopted by YCA)

We trust that all participants will respect the intent of this championship which is for curling clubs to engage their members to participate in a club championship to declare a club champion to represent the curling club. The event is formulated for true club championship teams, not past or present elite. The objective is to support the development of curling across Canada. We keep this objective in mind as we set our eligibility requirements and on-ice rules, including the CCA Rules of Curling for General Play. Travelers Canada reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to exclude any team that violates this spirit and intent as it pertains to the rules below.

1. The curling club, represented by the team, must be affiliated with its provincial/territorial curling association and all dues must be paid in full. The players of any club champion team must be members in good standing of the affiliated curling club. Any player can be a member of more than one affiliated curling club, but shall declare one “home club” for this competition.

2. Each club will declare a men’s team and women’s team of FOUR (4) players to represent their club through either their normal league or club championship process, or through a designated Travelers Curling Club Championship competition within the club. The declared teams, through either process, MUST have at least three players who have played together in a sanctioned club league during the current season. If a replacement fourth player is used, (i.e., a player who did not play regularly on that team throughout the season) that player MUST play lead. Players who play exclusively in a major/super league without playing in another sanctioned club league are ineligible to compete. Clubs that only have mixed or open leagues (i.e., no men’s and women’s leagues) must contact their association for approval to participate.

3. Each team will be allowed only one player who has played in a Juniors’, Men’s (Brier), Women’s (Scotties) or Seniors’ provincial/territorial event in the current or previous four curling seasons or participated in a Grand Slam event in the current or previous four curling seasons (2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015- 2016).* No player on the team can have played in a Canadian Juniors, Men’s, Women’s or Senior’s Canadian Championship for those years (i.e. national competitors are excluded as regular or replacement players on the team).

* Exception – Provinces/Territories with an open provincial/territory event will be permitted 1 player who has placed top 25% in a Juniors’, Men’s (Brier), Women’s (Scotties) or Seniors’ provincial/territory event in the current or previous 4 curling seasons, or participated in a Grand Slam event in the current or previous 4 curling seasons 

4. Players who competed in the 2016 Travelers Curling Club Championship national event are ineligible to compete in the 2017 play downs.

5. All games will be 8 ends with ties being decided by a full extra end.

6. Once a four person team has been declared a club champion, a maximum of 1 replacement/substitute player from the club can play lead.

7. Each team must be comprised of 4 players aged 19 or over, as of November 1st, 2015. Provincial/Territorial curling associations may adopt a more restrictive age criteria if they choose.

8. Travelers Canada has the sole authority to grant exceptions to these rules in extraordinary circumstances. Before exercising this discretion, Travelers Canada will consult with the relevant provincial/territorial curling association, and will notify the provincial/territorial association in writing of any decisions regarding exceptions that are granted.




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